1961 Scenario

1961 Scenario
Download Video Here
1961 ( 13 and 18 civs ) Scenarios File ( for vanilla ) Here
1981 - (one city start) Scenario File ( for vanilla ) Here
MaxRigaMod Vanilla Here
MaxRigaMod BTS v3 Here

This is my 1961 Scenario Page which is still under construction you can download the Video for the Scenario by Clicking the Link Below the Picture on the Left.

World Situation of 1961 scenario - The world is Divided on pro-Soviet and pro-American sides and it's very balanced ( no silly wars ). Get more allies if you are playing by any of superpowers and help your weak allies in regional conflicts. This will make your pro-western or pro-eastern side stronger and more dominant in the world!

The scenario and mod are now available for download enjoy.



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