1941 Scenario

1941 Scenario
Download 1941 Scenario Video Here.
1941 Scenario File ( for vanilla ) Here
Stalingrad and Barbarossa Scenario File ( for vanilla ) Here
MaxRigaMod Vanilla Here
MaxRigaMod BTS v3 Here

This is my 1941 Scenario Page which is still under construction you can download the Video for the Scenario by Clicking the Link Below the Picture on the Left as well as the Mod and Scenario Files.

World Situation of 1941 scenario - Hitler is  the most hated person in the world but Japan becomes allies with Germany. They both have goals of world domination. Japan is in war against USA and UK, but Germany is fighting the UK and Egypt.

As our intelligence service has reported Germany has enough power to start war with the USSR soon. Soviets are not very prepared for a fast German Blitzkrieg. Please pay attention to this information by playing any country.

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